Five job boards you must use for your job search

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cc Five job boards you must use for your job search photo credit: haileybussey

Not every job board can afford  Superbowl advertising.  Beyond Monster, Careerbuilder, and Yahoo! Hotjobs is a new crop of job boards and job aggregators that can lead you to career opportunities you wouldn’t find through the major channels.  These boards have three advantages:

  • Cast a wider net: The more job boards you search, the more job opportunities you will see.  Diversify your job search portfolio.
  • Direct connection: Alternate job boards tend to send you directly to employer sites, allowing you to bypass the less-than-friendly application process that the major boards provide and placing you in the employer’s database for future opportunities.
  • More bang for your buck: Some of these sites are more focused, narrowing the number of applicants and making it more likely that your qualifications get seen.

If you’re not using these sources for jobs already, get started today:

  1. CraigslistJob listings on Craigslist are free, so although the volume may be relatively low, it has a tendency to attract employers who may not think the major boards provide value for the money.  I’m hearing more and more Craigslist success stories, so it’s worth a shot.
  2. IndeedIndeed is an aggregator; it pulls its search results from other job boards.  Its interface is about as simple as it gets, but its focus is bringing better results than other such sites.  I’d say it works — a search this morning turned up a few opportunities I hadn’t yet seen.
  3. LinkedInLinked in not only provides job listings, many of which aren’t posted elsewhere, it helps you identify a path to make a personal connection with decision makers.  This service is most useful to people who have large, well-developed LinkedIn networks, but could provide you the foot in the door that you need to get considered above other candidates.
  4. Professional Organizations – Often these listings are free, which attracts some employers that wouldn’t otherwise search online.  Plus, your involvement in the organization in question prequalifies you as someone who is career minded, involved and well-networked.
  5. Niche boards by function or industry – Name an industry and there’s a job board out there for it.  For employers that often get applicants without the industry experience they need, this is an attractive option to focus their search for a new employee.  Chances are, they’ll get fewer, higher qualified applicants this way, and they may pay more attention to candidates from the niche board for that reason.

Keep your eye on the major boards, but widen your search to include these lesser-known sources, and you’ll be surprised the opportunities you may have missed.

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