Just say yes: 5 arguments for embracing opportunity

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82266514 0db290ef10 m Just say yes: 5 arguments for embracing opportunityAt a previous job, there was one department that could always be relied upon for a “no.”  Can you help me with this?  No.  Do you have a resource that we can use?  No.  Can we figure out a way to tackle this problem together?  No.

It became a source of running jokes throughout the company.  And while these colleagues probably did a good job of protecting their time and workload, they did less for building positive relationships and expanding their influence.

No one wants to be a doormat, but as companies condense, the success of an organization is more dependent on the flexibility of the team.

Here are some benefits of saying “yes”:

  1. Stronger relationships. What better way to build your connections with colleagues than to help them tackle the issues that are critical to their success?
  2. A reservoir of resources. Once you’ve built a positive relationship with others in your organization, when you’re stuck on something that’s mission critical, you’ll have people you can go to to ask for help and advice.
  3. Broader professional experience. By participating on projects and tasks outside your core responsibilities, you get exposure to other areas of the organization, other job functions, and learn from the experiences of other professionals.
  4. Increased internal opportunity. The wider your visibility and contribution, the greater the chances that you’ll be a candidate for internal opportunities.
  5. Exploration of your own interests. How can you know whether you’d enjoy meeting planning, finance, marketing, or anything outside of your job unless you give it a shot?  Maybe you’ll find it fascinating and consider a career change.  Or maybe it’s dull as dirt and you never want a job doing that.  Both are good to know.

What have you said “yes” to?

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2 thoughts on “Just say yes: 5 arguments for embracing opportunity

  1. Great post. I agree that people box themselves up too much and miss opportunities out of fear of being taken advantage of.

    Zig Ziglar said “You can get anything you want in life by helping enough other people get what they want.”

  2. Brent: Great quote! The more we operate from a place of generosity, the more generous we’ll find those around us.

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