Your Guide To: RESUMES

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be putting together guides to some of the most popular career-related topics.  You’ll find articles from me as well as great resources found elsewhere.  These posts will also be updated over time as new resources arise.  Stay tuned!

Resume Formatting

How long is your resume?  Who cares?

Resume Proofing Checklist,

Resume Critique Checklist, Quint Careers

Resume Summary Statements

Your resume summary statement: Get attention fast

Writing resume summary statements: Quantify, quantify, quantify

Resume Objective Statements

My resume objective: Eliminate yours

Writing Resume Accomplishments

Resumes: Show off your accomplishments

Your Resume Writing Needs Specifics, CubeRules

What is a Result?, Job Hacking

Resume Strategy

Top 10 Reasons Resumes Suck, Emma Hamer, eHamer Associates

Time to Lie on Your Resume?, CareerDiva

Marketing 101, 8 hours & a lunch

Covering Employment Gaps on a Resume, Simply Hired

Too Much Information (On Your Resume), Please don’t call us headhunters

Resume writers: Keep your plate out of the boiler, Jeff Lipschultz (featuring Liz Ryan)

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