LinkedIn Advanced Techniques for Job Search Networking

90652464 fde9db695c LinkedIn Advanced Techniques for Job Search NetworkingEven LinkedIn ninjas may not be taking advantage of some of the more advanced techniques for increasing your LinkedIn impact. If your profile hasn’t been tweaked in a while, consider these advanced techniques for your LinkedIn strategy.

  1. Drag-and-drop reordering of LinkedIn content. LinkedIn has just added the capability to move content up or down the page as you like it. Simply click on the “handle” next to the section title (it looks like arrows pointing in four directions) and drag the section up or down until you like where it lands. Just like with your resume, you now have the power to decide what in your professional background is most important to the reader, and put the focus where it belongs.
  2. Build an online portfolio. You can link to your other websites, import your blog, share presentations, and more. By choosing web content that shows your expertise and involvement, you can help a potential employer or networking contact see that you’re a professional, established person worth knowing.
  3. Share your job search documents. You may choose not to share a resume so you can have greater control over how and when it’s shared with others, but the application allows you to include downloadable files on your page — things like a handbill, executive bio, or other document that supports your search.
  4. Talk like a person. You wouldn’t think this would be advanced, but it is. If your profile is a copy-paste of your resume, take another look at it and try to tell the reader about yourself in natural language, like a conversation. If people can connect with you as an individual through what they read, they’ll be more open to connecting with you in other ways. Ditch the corporate speak, and make the reader your new friend.
  5. Stalk your networking targets. Applications like TripIt and Events, and even the new Twitter integration, can help you see where key people within your network are going to be when. Want to be sure you’re moving in the right business circles? Check out where the influencers are by watching what activities they’re participating in, and make a point of being there. Have someone you have to meet? See if you can find out a place that they’re speaking, or a networking group they attend, or a professional organization that they volunteer with, so you can be in the right place at the right time. Extra points: contact them in advance, let them know you’ll both be there, and express interest in meeting at the event. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the other faces in the crowd.

Will you use these advanced techniques as part of your LinkedIn arsenal? Do you have others not listed here? What’s worked for you?

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