about me & this site

Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I’ve been blogging a long while. I used to write about careers & job search, and then I wrote about marketing and business. Now, I mostly write about life in itty-bitty snippets. Life as mom, wife, professional, marketer, speaker, and seeker of greatness.

If that sounds good, please stick around.





One thought on “about me & this site

  1. Very glad I found this site – easy to read, coherent language, positive.

    I have an interview for a job tomorrow that will have all the behaviour q’s, scenario and team role playing situations. It’s a huge, Australian based / Global co., so I have my fingers crossed. Panicking though as I have been out of workforce for a year.

    So, this blog has instilled some confidence in me and helped me prepare for interview.

    Will be checking in on your blog often from now on

    Thank You !

    Sam :)

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